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About Allegiance Benefit Plan Management's Secure Messaging Server

This website allows you to securely send and receive messages, including 50MB attachments, with or without PHI (Protected Health Information/Personally Indentifiable Health Information). The messages actually reside on a server within our datacenter, while a notification message is sent informing the designated recipients that a message is waiting for them on our secure server.

This Secure Messaging Server uses an SSL-encrypted connection through a standard web browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 6 or newer). This server is designed for Allegiance business use only and its use is monitored by the IT department. It is designed to work best with Chrome and Firefox web browsers as these are inherently more secure and reliable than Internet Explorer. If you have any questions regarding its use, contact your Allegiance representative. Allegiance employees may contact the helpdesk for further support:

General help and examples of how to use this server are available by clicking on the Help menu on the left-hand side of the page.